Organizational Email Migration

What We Need from You

Your organization will be migrating email platforms (service providers) within the next 4-6 weeks. This will enable more features, additional mailbox storage, and other features that will be announced at a later time. In order for this migration to proceed smoothly, we will need your help. The process of this migration can be found on the right side of this page (or below on mobile devices).

The first step will be for you to submit a migration form. This form will ask you for information that is required to setup the new account. Some of the information may feel personal (ex. mobile phone number, email address), but it will enable us to best complete the process and allow for additional functionality for you. We ask you to fill it out completely and accurately, so we can make the process as seamless as possible.

Once you have filled out this form, we ask you to periodically check back on this page for updates. We will update it as we progress through the process, and will post times and locations for obtaining in-person help migrating your devices.

Email AddressNameForm Complete
adminassistant@idagroveia.comTonia RehseYes
cityclerk@idagroveia.comHeather SweedenYes
deputyclerk@idagroveia.comKelly YoungYes
example@idagroveia.comExample AccountNo
igcouncilmanatlarge1@idagroveia.comJason SchableYes
igcouncilmanatlarge2@idagroveia.comJared BogueYes
igcouncilward1@idagroveia.comGregor ErnstYes
igcouncilward2@idagroveia.comAnge JohnsonYes
igcouncilward3@idagroveia.comReynold McLeadNo
igmayor@idagroveia.comDevlun WhiteingYes Bob LorenzenYes
payroll@idagroveia.comKelly YoungYes
sewer@idagroveia.comLuke CollinsYes
streets@idagroveia.comGerrod Sholty--
utilities@idagroveia.comKris TaylorYes
water@idagroveia.comCody KurtzYes

The Tentative Process

  • September 8

    Approval for Migration

    Organization approves migration to Microsoft 365 platform for email, calendaring and collaborative services.

  • September 15-25

    Email Account Info Gathering

    All email account holders need to fill out a form to gather information required to create new accounts on the Microsoft 365 system.

  • September 26 - 30

    Email Account Creation on MS 365

    Accounts will be created and data migrated for those that completely fill-out the account form. Any accounts that are not filled out will not be created, nor will their data be transferred. Account data migration can only happen once, so any late forms will only be able to have an account created, but no data transferred.

  • September 26 - 30

    Migration Schedule to 365 Finalized

    In order to ensure minimal service interruption, the transfer from the existing platform to the new one needs to be done with a specific process. At this point, the existing email system stoppage and transfer to the new system needs to be locked in.

  • October 1 5:00pm

    Email Halt for Migration

    Email accounts on old system will be taken offline and users will not be able to check, nor send messages during this window. This will enable migration of account data t be transferred to 365 Platform.

  • October 2 - 3

    Email Migration

    Email accounts will not be available. Users will not be able to check, nor send messages during this window. This will enable migration of account data t be transferred to 365 Platform.

  • October 4 7:00am

    Begin Email Service on 365 Platform

    Accounts will be ready to use on new MS365 platform. Users will be given both instructions and option to have their devices migrated to new settings during a 1-day window.