Why Home Button Hosting

Our hosting is generally turn-key, as it is more hands-on and centered around your needs, so as they change, we are in communication and working on it as a team. That said, here are some answers to the questions you had about hosting, service, and support.

Network: Our servers are connected via the Akamai global network, one of the strongest, most scalable and reliable networks on the internet.
Backups and Redundancy: Sites are backed up regularly under a daily and weekly backup regimen. Weekly backups are off-site. Additional backups are available, and are generally determined based upon a conversation of needs from you. Generally, the normal backup schedule is more than sufficient for the bulk of the websites we host.
Security: Security is much more than a simple line-item, but in short, we use SSL certificate, like most website to secure the connection between viewers and your website. We additional employ WordFence as another method to protect websites, as it does a great job of both helping to keep websites safe, but also has tools to determine potential issues. On a server level, each server has a large complement of security tools to further protect the core of the server and notify in cases of potential issues. Our approach has always been informed by a constant pursuit to stay on top of updates, watch for vulnerabilities, both existing and potential new ones, and we promote this to those that host with us as well. Vulnerabilities happen, but good security is eternal vigilance.
Monitoring: We actively monitor all of our servers, both for availability and for server health.
Auditing: While we do our own internal auditing, auditing on a site basis is optionally available at additional rate.